“You were wonderful; thanks for creating such an incredible platform for the conversation we had. I'm always appreciative of the chance to be heard, and it's a privilege and a pleasure to be interviewed by one as compassionate and aware as yourself. ”

- Anastacia Tomson


“Dr. D” is a household name in South Africa.  A recognised voice for many years, she is renowned as SA’s leading media psychologist. As the resident psychologist on Talk Radio 702/Cape Talk, for 26 years followed by Classic FM and Chai FM her radio shows dealt with any and every life challenging and self development topic.

She is renowned as South Africa’s leading media psychologist who’s live radio and TV talk shows address the spectrum of life challenging, relationship and self-development topics.  She is regularly appointed for comment on current issues and was the expert psychologist on the Oscar Pistorius trial.  Although often a lone voice, Dori was acclaimed for her balanced views and in-depth psychological understanding. 

Media Appearances